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What is a gallon 5 gallons to ml?

Gallon is an imperial and US customary measurement system volume unit.5 gallons to ml?
There is one type of gallon in the imperial system and 2 types (fluid and dry) in the US customary measurement system. 1 US fluid gallon is defined as 231 cubic inches, 1 US dry gallon is 268.8 cubic inches and 1 imperial gallon is 277.4 cubic inches. The abbreviation is gal. So, 5 gallons to ml?

Gallons Conversion:
1 Gallon = 4 Quarts
1 Gallon = 8 Pints
1 Gallon = 16 Cups
5 gallons to ml?

What is a fluid ounce (fl oz) 5 gallons to ml?

A fluid ounce is an imperial and US customary measurement system volume unit. 1 US fluid ounce equals to 29.5735 mL and 1 imperial (UK) fluid ounce equals to 28.4131 mL. The abbreviation is fl oz. So, 5 gallons to ml?
There are 8 fluid ounces in a US cup and 10 imperial fluid ounces in an imperial cup.
The list for your reference:
1 US Fluid Gallon = 128 US Fluid Ounces
1 US Dry Gallon = 148.946 US Fluid Ounces
1 Imperial Gallon (UK) = 160 Imperial Fluid Ounces (UK)
5 gallons to ml

Fluid Ounce 5 gallons to ml?

Fluid Ounce is used for volume, Ounce for mass, and they are different.
For example, 1 fluid ounce of honey has a mass of about 1,5 ounces!
But for water, 1 fluid ounce has a mass of about 1 ounce.
5 gallons to ml
In Summary:
1 gallon = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 16 cups = 128 fluid ounces
5 gallons to ml

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